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vet rehab center

Our Vet Rehab Center Helps to Manage Your Pet’s Pain and Improve Mobility

Following a major surgery or injury, rehabilitation services help return your pet’s mobility and retain it in the long run. At Mount Airy Veterinary Associates, our vet rehab center helps pets reduce pain and gain control faster during their recovery, speeding up the healing process.

Additionally, rehabilitation techniques like laser therapy can help reduce your pet’s suffering from chronic pain or illnesses. This will help to keep your pet’s life comfortable in the face of long-term medical conditions. Learn more about laser therapy and how it helps pets below.

Learn More About Our Laser Therapy

Laser therapy has many benefits over traditional pain and mobility treatments. For instance, cold laser therapy does not require the use of drugs or surgery. Not only does it have fewer side effects and risks, but it is quick and convenient. In fact, most treated pets feel better within 12 to 24 hours after treatment.

The versatility of our cold laser therapy allows a doctor to treat sore muscles and joints, degenerative joint conditions, neurological pain, chronic non-healing wounds as well as anti-inflammatory conditions. There is a reason this innovative treatment has been growing in popularity in recent years — it helps our furry friends feel better quickly.

Combat Your Pet’s Pain and Soreness

Every pet owner hates to see their pet dealing with pain and soreness. The vet rehab center at Mount Airy Veterinary Associates and its laser therapy technology will help to keep your pet as comfortable as possible post-injury, or when dealing with chronic and/or neurological pain.

These treatments can also help restore your pet’s full range of motion and keep him or her moving later on in their life. Schedule an appointment to give your pet relief.