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We Specialize in Treating Dogs, Cats, and Other Small Mammals

At Mount Airy Veterinary Associates, we take pride in offering health care for an array of species. From nutrition, behavior, and habitat advice to illness prevention and specialized treatments, we are your local destination for experienced small animal and small mammal veterinary care.

See the individual pet types we treat below, or learn more about our service offerings here.



From vaccinations to spaying/neutering, specialized treatment plans, dental care, and even travel exams, our team will take excellent care of your best furry friend.



As one cat owner raves, “I’ve been taking my two cats for years and will continue because of the care they get from the vets and associates!”



We offer advanced diagnostics, labwork, and an on-site pharmacy for convenient, expert care of your pet rabbit.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

“After phoning 20 different vets, this place was the only one that would see guinea pigs in a timely fashion.” Trust us to care for your guinea pigs.

Guinea Pigs


Since chinchillas are known for being fast, energetic, and agile, an early initial check-up can help owners take proper care of these pets.



Hamsters are one of the most commonly owned pets in the United States. Get habitat and behavioral advice from our experts.



We have extensive experience in examining rats and treating common medical issues like overgrown incisors and parasites.



Our veterinarians and technicians will keep your hedgehog calm, safe, and comfortable during examinations and treatment. Trust us with your pet.



Learn about what to feed your ferret, how to litter train, socialization tips, and more from the experts. We will take great care of your pet ferret.



From nutrition to dental concerns and choosing the right habitat for these agile climbers and burrowers, we can help keep your gerbil safe and healthy.



While mice are known for their resiliency and resistance to illness, receiving proper care tips from our doctors will help to keep mice healthy longer-term.

Guinea Pigs


Degus require special care and diets. With diabetes, liver issues, and ear mites as concerns, proper care and regular health examinations are essential.

Reach Out for Expert, Compassionate Care of Your Pets

If you need care for any of the animals mentioned above, we can treat them exceptionally well while providing you with the highest level of service and communication. No matter the species, we make sure every pet that enters our clinic gets compassionate, excellent care. If you want to schedule an initial appointment for a new pet or are looking to switch veterinarians, request an appointment today at the link below.