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You Can Show Your Pet the World with International Pet Travel

More and more people are traveling with their pets in tow these days. Flying internationally with pets requires the right paperwork, and your pet must be in good health leading up to your trip. Learn about pet travel exams and find out exactly what you need for international pet travel below.

What Are Pet Travel Exams?

Different airlines and destination countries have different requirements, so be sure to read up on what’s needed before visiting your vet. By notifying your veterinarian of your travel plans early on, they will be able to help you research requirements and verify your pet’s health before the trip.

Pet travel exams are similar to regular physical exams, but they have specific testing requirements to ensure your pet’s health and safety prior to travel. These tests and procedures are not limited to but may include blood tests, vaccinations, microchipping, permits, and Health Certificates.

At Mount Airy Veterinary Associates, we have USDA-accredited veterinarians that are able to prepare and sign government documentation to enable your pet to travel abroad with you! Also, let us know if your airline requires a Health Certificate for domestic travel. We are happy to provide one at the time of your visit.

Traveling abroad with your pet? You should start your research here.

Take Your Pet Abroad With You

Both national and international pet travel may have strict regulations in order to ensure the health and safety of both your pet and your fellow passengers. Schedule a pet travel exam today to consult with one of our doctors about the necessary requirements and get the paperwork you need to include your pet in your plans without hassle.