Small Mammal Care

These animals require special care. Dr. Brianna Bradford and the team at Mount Airy Veterinary Associates offer trusted service for your furry pet’s veterinary needs. From nutrition, behavior and habitat advice to illness prevention and specialized treatments, we are your local destination for experienced small mammal veterinary care. We are now welcoming the following:

Rabbits ∙ Guinea Pigs ∙ Chinchillas ∙ Hamsters ∙ Rats ∙ Hedgehogs ∙ Ferrets ∙ Gerbils ∙ Mice ∙ Degus

It is recommended that these furry pocket pets, rabbits, ferrets and more receive an annual wellness exam. Physical exams, parasite screening and dental checks are important for ensuring good health. Small mammals are prey animals, so they are good at hiding illness. They also age faster as their lifespans are much shorter compared to other household pets like cats and dogs. This is why annual exams are so important for our small, furry friends! 

When you arrive for your pet’s visit, you can expect a full nose to tail exam as well as a nutrition and husbandry consultation. Please be sure to bring your pet in a carrier!

Schedule your pet’s small mammal veterinary care appointment by calling (301) 829-4099 or clicking the button below!